© 2017 Ocean County Chamber of Commerce Inc. - a NJ Domestic Non-Profit Corporation (NP) OCEAN COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INC., a New Jersey State registered Non Profit Entity, Incorporated, a fully approved IRS 501(c)(6) Charity Organization.


What is the Ocean County Chamber of Commerce?

Did you know that not only is the Ocean County Chamber of Commerce Inc. a fully approved IRS 501(c)(6) charity organization but it's structure and makeup are completely volunteer in nature and any and all events are of a charitable capacity.  Not one board member, nor the president and/or CEO are paid members.  They all donate their time and efforts to help improve Ocean County, New Jersey.  Did you know that membership is FREE?   Did you know that the Ocean County Chamber of Commerce Inc. is one of the first in the nation to structure itself in this charitable, volunteer capacity?


NOTE:  This organization does NOT represent, nor speak for the entire County of Ocean, nor any township, nor any other chamber, in any way shape or form.  The Ocean County Chamber of Commerce Inc. NP is merely a name that stands for the community it represents.  This organization also has no political affiliation.  There are many township and or local chambers that might be a great fit you and or your business.   We strongly encourage you to explore other local chambers and see if they might be a niche for your business or organization.  Our organization is structured in a way that promotes free membership, free voice, free networking, and free events that promote business growth and prosperity in Ocean County.   We do this together as a collaborate unit via charity, giving back, and embracing our community.  The Ocean County Chamber of Commerce Inc. is NOT in competition with any local and or state chamber, nor any organization whatsoever.  To the contrary, we actually encourage our members to prosper and grow while actively pursuing memberships with other chambers.  You can explore other chambers located at the following website:  http://www.co.ocean.nj.us/GovtDirPage.aspx?ID=254 


As a chamber works to accomplish these goals, it must be able to take
on many different functions: economic developer and planner, tourist
information center, business spokesperson, economic counselor and
teacher, government relations specialist, human resources advisor, and
public relations practitioner.  The Chamber does not participate in any political and legislative (lobbying) activities. 

Who Are a Chamber’s Members?

Chamber of commerce members are businesses, organizations, and
individuals concerned with the socioeconomic climate of a community,

specifically Ocean County, New Jersey.
These groups have joined together because they stand a better chance of
getting things done when speaking with one voice. Chamber members
include the small hardware store on the corner, the mom-and-pop
diner, the established bank downtown, and your local baseball & football teams.
There is no limit or restrictions on the number or kinds of members
that choose to get involved in a chamber
of commerce.


Who Leads the Ocean County Chamber?

A chamber of commerce is run by its members. They elect a board of
directors that determines policies and sets goals. A president / CEO presides
over all board meetings.
A chamber’s day-to-day operations are handled by the President / CEO.

This person is a paid employee of the Chamber. The Ocean County Chamber has managers who are volunteers.
Get involved today!  Members involved in the chamber are encouraged
to work on committees; economic development, education, human resources conventions,
tourism, public affairs, and government relations. 



Ocean County according to wiki is a county located along the Jersey Shore in the U.S. state of New Jersey. Its county seat is Toms River. Ocean County has been one of New Jersey's fastest-growing counties since 1990. As of the 2016 Census estimate, the county's population was 592,497, a 2.8% increase from the 576,567 enumerated in the 2010 United States Census,[4] making Ocean the state's sixth-most populous county. The 2010 population figure represented an increase of 65,651 (+12.8%) from the 2000 Census population of 510,916, as Ocean surpassed Union County to become the sixth-most populous county in the state. Ocean County was also the fastest growing county in New Jersey between 2000 and 2010 in terms of increase in the number of residents and second-highest in percentage growth. Ocean County was established on February 15, 1850, from portions of Monmouth County, with the addition of Little Egg Harbor Township which was annexed from Burlington County on March 30, 1891. The most populous place was Lakewood Township, with 92,843 residents at the time of the 2010 Census (up 32,491 since 2000, the largest population increase of any municipality in the state), while Jackson Township, covered 100.62 square miles (260.6 km2), the largest total area of any municipality in the county.

Ocean County is located 50 miles (80 km) east of Philadelphia, 70 miles (110 km) south of New York City, and 25 miles (40 km) north of Atlantic City, making it a prime destination for residents of these cities during the summer. As with the entire Jersey Shore, summer traffic routinely clogs local roadways throughout the season.

Ocean County is part of the New York metropolitan area but is also home to many tourist attractions frequently visited by Delaware Valley residents, especially the beachfront communities of Seaside Heights, Long Beach Island, Point Pleasant Beach, as well as Six Flags Great Adventure, which is the home of the world's tallest and second-fastest roller coaster, Kingda Ka. Ocean County is also a gateway to New Jersey's Pine Barrens, one of the largest protected pieces of land on the East Coast.

The Ocean County Chamber of Commerce Inc. is a non profit group.
Did you know membership is FREE?
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